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Florida Survey Offers Latest, Greatest Proof Parents Love School Choice

The more parents know and experience school choice, the more satisfied they are with it. The Friedman Foundation’s newly-released survey of 808 parents who have participated in Florida’s scholarship tax credit program is just the latest and most overwhelming proof. Florida’s eight-year-old program provides full tax credit to corporations donating to qualified scholarship granting organizations. Those groups provide scholarships worth up to $3,950 (or full tuition) for low-income students to enroll in the private school of their choice. According to the Friedman report, the latest numbers show 23,259 Florida students attending private school on a tax credit scholarship. Simply put, participating parents love it:


Best Wishes for Students in DCTA's New Math & Science Leadership Academy

I don’t have time for a long post today. But my Education Policy Center friends wanted to let you know that they have only well wishes for the success of Denver’s new innovation school (not really a traditional district school, not really a charter): Math and Science Leadership Academy. The school is going to be run by teachers through the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA), the local union. The outgoing DCTA president Kim Ursetta explains on her blog some of the reaction that the new school is getting because DCTA is taking the unusual step of not having a principal: In talking to some administrators (central and building) today, they still don’t understand what we’re trying to do. One principal said, “Yeah, but who is the administrator?” Another said, “Good luck with your charter school.” My favorite is the principals who asked what I’ll be doing now, and I tell them about the school. They just stared… and walk away. I didn’t know that math and science, to start, was THAT out of the box. Unorthodox? Yes. But I hope for the academic and all-around well-being of the students who are enrolled to attend there, that the teachers there find […]


Tune in This Friday for Discussion of Democratic Party and Education Reform

I know there must be a lot of you out there who heard about the Education Policy Center‘s recent interesting event with Joe Williams from Democrats for Education Reform, but weren’t able to attend or listen online. Or maybe you did hear it, and you want to see more. In either case, you’re in luck. A special episode of Independent Thinking hosted by Jon Caldara is airing this Friday, October 3, at 7:30 PM (please note the scheduling change) and next Tuesday, October 7, at 5:00 PM, locally in the Denver area on KBDI Channel 12. Guests Joe Williams and our own Pam Benigno will discuss the movement to reform education in the Democratic Party and how it might play out here in Colorado. As I pointed out earlier, Colorado is the site of the first state chapter of Democrats for Education Reform, headed by retiring state senator Ron Tupa. Be sure to tune in either this Friday or next Tuesday to Independent Thinking!