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Are Education Lobbyists Handing Out Cue Cards at the Colorado Capitol?

Jay Greene’s blog has a humorous – but sad – story of how New York City teachers union operatives were caught red-handed passing out cue cards (including one with a misspelled word) to City Council members. Because we really need school boards and other policy makers to do the thoughtless bidding of adult interest groups rather than stand up for the interests of children and taxpaying citizens, right? I’m obviously being sarcastic there. But seeing that funny post made me wonder whether cue cards recently may have been passed out at the Colorado State Capitol: What cue cards were given to legislative opponents who slapped down school choice twice in the same day? Who wrote the script for the lawmaker who needed help from Grover to distinguish public from private (another legislator raised the same question on another bill at another hearing)? Who authored the cue cards for the education committee chair to ignore critical findings about school employee pensions so he could grandstand with frivolous attacks? What lobbying interest group told the same committee chair to thwart the will of the people and double-super kill school spending transparency? Or perhaps these lawmakers came up with these bad, silly, arrogant, […]


Can Grover Help Us to Learn the Difference between Public and Private?

Yesterday one of my friends at the Colorado Spending Transparency Project wrote about a state legislator who had trouble figuring out the difference between public and private. My first thought was to call in the lovable and furry Grover, who is very good at helping to highlight contrasting words and ideas. Here’s a sample of some of his more well-known educational work: Did that help to clear up the matter? No? Sigh. I think I’m just going to fall over, too.