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Amandla Charter Closure Exceptional, Sign of the Institution's Strength

The Denver Post‘s Jeremy Meyer reports that Denver Public Schools is closing the troubled Amandla Charter Academy — a contract school re-applying to become a charter school. Given the known facts (a checkered past, ongoing financial problems, poor academic results, and lack of a “coherent education program”), it looks like a tough but very good decision by the school board. Public charter schools are an important option in the school choice menu, the institution should be strengthened, and their leaders and managers should be empowered for success. But we have to recognize one of the inherent strengths of charters is that they can be closed down effectively if they fail. That being said, Edspresso is correct to emphasize that decision makers must be “serious about understanding and reviewing original data before making conclusions” about charter school closures. For every Amandla that (as far as I can tell) deserves to be shut down, there is a Cesar Chavez, West Denver Prep, Ridgeview Classical, and many other Colorado charter schools that are doing great work providing families successful alternatives to the traditional public education model.


Supporters of Educational Freedom, Please Sign Up for School Choice Works

A really great group called the Alliance for School Choice is building a team of school choice supporters from across the country. Here’s a chance for you to step up and help! The Alliance has created a brand-new website called School Choice Works. If you go there as one of the first 10,000 people to sign up, you will receive a free bumper sticker, a free school choice handbook, and school choice magazines. (Since I’m only 5 years old, that 10,000 looks like a really big number to me. But it sounds like you have a great opportunity to get some free stuff of your own to help spread the message.) Regardless, I’m inviting you to sign up and help strengthen the grassroots voice for school choice. When opportunities to speak up for school choice legislation or related issues develop in your state, you will be empowered as part of a team to act quickly and make a difference. Especially all my friends in Colorado, let’s do our state proud! Please sign up for School Choice Works today. Remember, in a real way, it really is for the children.