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West Denver Prep Gets Well-Deserved Attention: An Example to Be Followed

Successful schools need to be highlighted, and West Denver Prep Charter School gets the appropriate treatment from Nancy Mitchell in today’s Rocky Mountain News: West Denver Preparatory Charter School was born over lukewarm coffee in the basement of a church called The Pearl in a graffiti- stained neighborhood at the south end of Federal Boulevard. In meeting after meeting, a carefully selected and diverse group – The Pearl’s minister, the city’s chief operating officer, a troubled kid from L.A. turned veteran teacher – drew the bones of a school they hoped would change minds about what can be achieved in public education in Denver. Today, West Denver Prep ranks No. 1 among the city’s 44 middle schools in the academic growth of its students. It stages annual lotteries to select pupils from an overflow of applicants and, from those not chosen, tears are not unusual. [emphasis added] Read the whole thing. Three cheers to West Denver Prep, and continued best wishes for success. Here’s hoping other schools – as well as education policy makers – take the time to watch, listen, learn, and follow its example.


Why School Choice? Required BBC Viewing for Education Policy Makers

The Education Policy Center people said they’re a little busy today. So instead of having them write anything, I asked them to show you this video, which makes a very compelling argument for school choice: This clip from the 1980s British sitcom Yes Prime Minister should be required viewing for education policy makers. It may come from overseas, and it may be 20 years old, but the brilliant common sense that flows through the satire in this piece feels like a breath of fresh air for Colorado. Of course – for the choices already available to them, Colorado families have a great resource in the School Choice for Kids website. (H/T Jay Greene, via What’s Wrong With the World?)