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iVoices: Ben DeGrow, Amy Oliver Talk about Teachers Union Priorities

Last week I helped bring your attention to the National Education Association’s open declaration about their priorities as a labor union first, and kids second — as well as the latest published criticism of NEA, this time coming from a traditional political ally on the Left. These are interesting times we live in, and my Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow joined Amy Oliver on a new iVoices podcast to talk about these issues more in depth. I invite you to listen (click on the play button below): For those of you who have forgotten, here’s what retiring NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin told a crowd of 8,000 cheering union delegates:


CEA Members Can Ask for their Political Money Back Before December 15

My friends in the Education Policy Center enlisted the help of a veteran teacher in Jeffco Public Schools to briefly explain about this thing called the Every Member Option, or EMO. In this 2-minute video, you can watch Michael explain the EMO better than some union officials have tried to do. The Colorado Education Association‘s $39 EMO is collected from every CEA member along with their dues, and goes to fund political action. Some of the CEA local unions collect their own separate EMO worth as much as $24 this year. Teachers and other education employees who choose not to have this money spent on politics have the opportunity to ask for the $39 CEA refund before December 15. Go here to find more information about obtaining the local refund. As Michael says: “And remember, spending money on politics is your choice.” Spread the word!