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A Glimpse at New Schools: Swallows Charter Adds Early College Program

Sometimes my parents take me on field trips. They’ve never taken me to Pueblo, but I know there’s a really good charter school in Pueblo West called Swallows Charter Academy that is expanding its program to include high school students (maybe I’ll check them out when I’m old enough to drive). This fall Swallows is starting its Middle/Early College Program to provide the opportunity for high school students to study advanced curriculum and receive college credit–for free! Junior and senior high students will take classes through Pueblo Community College. Swallows will pay for tuition and Pueblo Community College will pay for the students’ books. I think my mom would like that. To learn more about the Middle/Early College Program at Swallows call 719-547-1627 and request to speak to Chris Beltran. Other new schools featured: Insight School of Colorado eDCSD Online The Studio School in Adams 12 Cesar Chavez Academy-North Central Early College High School Arvada AXL Academy The Imagine Classical Academy at Indigo Ranch