Your Handy One-Stop Guide to What School Choice Research Says

I haven’t really gotten into list-making yet. Learning to read and write has to come first. But for those of you who are interested in finding out what the research has to say about school choice, having all that information in one place in a list would be handy. Right? What about a list of all the different lists?

Writing over at Jay Greene’s blog, Greg Forster has come up with “The Meta-List: An Incomplete List of Complete Lists” (now, that’s a mouthful). The lists are broken down into sections of research on:

  • Effects of school choice on participants (for example, how much more is the voucher kid learning?)
  • Effects of school choice on public schools (does competition bring improvements?)
  • Racial segregation in voucher programs vs. public schools
  • Tolerance and civic values of voucher students vs. public school students

Of course, more lists might yet be added to the incomplete “meta-list.” But the next time you are bugged by a question about what the research really says about vouchers and education tax credits, you have a handy one-stop online resource (have you bookmarked it yet?). That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?