State Board of Education Transformers: A Colorado Election Season (After)Thought?

‘Tis the political campaign season, fa la la la la…. Yesterday the Denver Post published its endorsements of Colorado State Board of Education candidates. This year 3 of the 7 seats are up for election — two open after Board members are retiring and one held by an appointed Board member who stepped in to fill out a term. So what does the Post think?:

The Colorado State Board of Education will face many important issues in the coming years, not the least of which is choosing a new education commissioner.

The balance of the seven-member board is crucial, and we hope voters will choose to elect reformers who will continue the good work that has put Colorado at the forefront of education reform.

One critical issue is the approval of the nuts and bolts of a new teacher evaluation system that will link teacher tenure to student achievement.

Now, look. Little Eddie doesn’t touch candidate endorsements with a 10-foot pole. All you big people out there have to decide who you want to serve on the State Board of Education. But maybe you’re wondering what it is the Board actually does. That I can help with. We’ve got an iVoices podcast to explain.

And there’s something else I hope you keep in mind. The Post is urging you to put education reformers on the State Board. But I’ll go a step further: Wouldn’t it be a lot cooler to have some education transformers? A State Board where there’s “more than meets the eye,” maybe — but definitely one filled with bold visionaries interested in helping to serve all Colorado kids? I thought you might agree with that.