Roy Romer's Answer Points to Reason to Come See Flunked: The Movie

Roy Romer is the former governor of our state and leader of a national group that wants politicians to talk more about education.

This very important man sat down with Berny Morson from the Rocky Mountain News to answer five questions. Here’s the very first thing Gov. Romer said:

Since ’83, we’ve really made relatively little progress, we’ve really been static. The rest of the world has been going up very rapidly.

Among 30 industrial nations, we’re 25th from the top in math. We’re 21st from the top in science. Other countries have made great progress. Poland, South Korea, Singapore, Finland, Canada – we simply have not kept pace with the progress in education worldwide. Graduation will occur in a couple of weeks, and nearly 1.2 million kids won’t graduate who should have graduated. We have a real crisis on our hands.

A good reminder for people around Denver to come out this Wednesday, May 21, to see Flunked: The Movie. Gov. Romer might want to see the successful innovations featured in the film, innovations that offer hope to America’s public schools.

Time is running out to sign up for this exciting, limited-space event.