Raising Concerns about Race to the Top and Move Toward National K-12 Standards

I’ve written plenty about Colorado’s ongoing quest for Race to the Top federal education grant money. I’ve noted both the promise and the peril within this pursuit. But one issue I have yet to highlight is the Race to the Top requirement that states sign on to the Common Core Standards.

In a new iVoices podcast, Colorado State Board of Education member Peggy Littleton explains how the pull of federal money threatens to lead us down a path towards national testing and curriculum, undermining local control and in some cases watering down the quality of standards. Follow this link or click the play button below to listen:

I’m certainly not the first (or even close to the smartest, best-informed), and won’t be the last, to chime in on this subject. So to help get you up to speed, I’ve posted a few pertinent links below: