New GoBash Site Takes on Boulder Valley's Anti-Charter School Lawsuit

My friends in the Education Policy Center never quit. They have good new ideas all the time. The latest is the site GoBash (“The Good, The Bad, and The Shameful”):

The purpose of the site is to raise public awareness of influential figures who either support or oppose needed reforms of a public education system that has failed thousands of children.

The first posting there takes a little different angle on the recent Colorado court victory for parents and charter schools I wrote about last Friday. GoBash files an open letter with the Boulder Valley school board:

Just how much of the taxpayers’ money did you spend in your lawsuit against the State Charter School Institute? You lost the suit in district court but appealed to the Colorado Court of Appeals, costing not only the school district but the state more money. All to deny families more educational choice and opportunity. Thankfully, the appeals court justices had the good sense to uphold the district court’s decision.

Shame on you, Boulder Valley School District!

Agreed. Since GoBash filed its open letter, the Boulder Daily Camera reports that school board members are meeting tonight to decide whether to appeal the lawsuit and spend even more taxpayer money trying to take away opportunity from kids across Colorado:

Boulder Valley officials said they’ve spent $198,695 to date on the lawsuit.

You don’t suppose the Boulder school board believes in the “magical money tree”, too?