Denver Parents Want More Successful Charter Schools to Choose From

I’m excited to feature this story from today’s Denver Post in my first post, because it’s a big part of what this blog is all about! Parents in Denver have seen several amazing, successful charter schools at work and are demanding more:

“We want this for our kids and our families,” said Luci Saenz, mother of a child at Valdez Elementary. “We are ready to fight. We believe in our children, and we believe they deserve it.”

Like other urban districts, Denver Public Schools has had trouble educating the city’s poorest students. But two charter middle schools on the city’s west side have proved it can be done.

The success of KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy and West Denver Preparatory Charter School is spurring a charter renaissance. At least a dozen charter schools are being planned for the city over the next decade based on high-performing models.

The vast majority of parents know and care about their children’s educational needs and want the best for them. For these parents in Denver, the new charter schools can’t come soon enough.

Yet, interestingly, the article also notes: “Critics of charters argue schools are successful because they cater to parents who are already engaged.” Have these critics talked to the Denver parents who took the time to show up to the board meeting and demand more such quality schools? Shouldn’t the critics be pleased to see charter school success helping more parents to become engaged?

While continuing to press for new educational options, parents in Denver and across Colorado can look for the best options out there at School Choice for Kids.