Colorado Making Gains in Math Achievement, Still a Long Ways to Go

For the last few years at least, Colorado students have been on an upward trend in their demonstrated math skills. Today the U.S. Department of Education released state-by-state scores for 4th and 8th grade math.

NAEP scores are considered the gold standard for comparing academic success among states — especially in the subjects of math and reading. That’s why the test results are often referred to as “the nation’s report card.”

In 2005, 39 percent of Colorado 4th graders rated as proficient in math — increasing slightly to 41 percent in 2007 and jumping to 45 percent in the latest results. For 8th graders over the same time span, proficiency rose from 32 percent to 37 and now to 40. A long ways to go, but still moving in right direction. While both scores remain above the national average, Colorado 4th graders also are beating the national trend on growth.

(I wonder how close I am to being considered proficient on the 4th grade NAEP math test? Or the 8th grade test, for that matter?)

While scores generally are flat nationwide, the Flypaper blog’s Mike Petrilli notes a bright spot in the nation’s capital. Petrilli says D.C.’s positive gains (though they also started out way behind) should give chancellor Michelle Rhee’s aggressive reforms “a much-needed boost.” My radical side is feeling more inspired than ever!

To find out more and see a colorful map of states’ NAEP math growth, Ed News Colorado has more details.