Colorado Cyberschool Students Tell What It's Like To Go To School Online

Colorado is a great place to be for families seeking a free online public education. There are 18 different multi-district cyberschools in the state, in addition to single-district and other supplemental online programs.

Over the past several months I’ve introduced you to insights on the transformative power of online education through a podcast interview with Dr. Terry Moe, and helped give you a better glimpse of this fast-growing type of education with local cyberschool leaders and with Colorado’s Online Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Now you can hear the perspective of those who matter the most: some of the students. Sean, Shannon and Ashlyn Cooney have been enrolled in the Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) (the state’s largest online charter school) for several years now. Click the play button below to listen to them talk about what cyberschool life is like on an iVoices podcast with my Education Policy Center friend Pam Benigno:

You mean they get help from their teachers regularly? They can work on their different class subjects in the order they want? They get to go on field trips? High schoolers even have a prom? Wow….

Hey, if being enrolled in an online school means more time for me to blog (after my homework is done — of course, mom and dad), then maybe this is the way to go for me. As always, you can learn more about ALL your Colorado education options at our fabulous School Choice for Kids website.