Another Great Education Reform Movie Coming Soon: Waiting for Superman

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I can’t help but thinking about movies again. Last week was the Denver event co-hosted by my Independence Institute friends. About 50 guests showed up to watch The Cartel and have a great discussion about education reform afterward. I couldn’t go because it was past my bedtime. And my Education Policy Center so-called friend Ben DeGrow couldn’t save any of the tub of buttery movie popcorn, or even spare a single Kit Kat bar, for me.

Anyway, having just watched one top-notch education reform movie, there’s another one to look forward to being released in the fall, called Waiting for Superman. Here’s a snippet of a review:

[Director Davis] Guggenheim makes his points by introducing us to all sorts of people who are directly affected by our floundering education system — and for the most part, it’s just not pretty. We meet Washington D.C. Education Chief Michelle Rhee, who has some revolutionary new ideas on how to keep teachers happy and inspired … but the teachers’ union doesn’t like them. We get to know a small handful of great kids, all of whom seem smart and sweet and dedicated … oh, but there simply isn’t enough room for those kids at the (relatively) local charter school.

Seem familiar? Gulp. It sounds like there isn’t much that could make this movie even better. If you want my opinion, I think they should change the name to “Waiting for Spiderman,” because he is really a much cooler superhero. He climbs buildings, shoots spider webs from his hands, and doesn’t need a phone booth (a what?) to change clothes….

Well, anyway, here’s the brand-new trailer of Waiting for Superman that just might get you to anticipate this movie as much as I am: