Wrapping Up School Choice Week: Andrew Coulson Touts Tax Credits… and More!

Aren’t there any child labor laws in effect here? This National School Choice Week phenomenon is great, but the good folks of the Education Policy Center have me blogging overtime. I talked about going on strike, but they just laughed and patted me on the head. How condescending!*

Anyway, rather than write any more, I wanted to highlight another one of the great series of Reason TV School Choice Week video interviews. In this edition, Andrew Coulson from Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom talks about the impact of school choice on social conflict and the promise of tuition tax credits:

As Coulson points out: along with all their other advantages, tuition tax credits can save money for states with tight budgets — that means you, Colorado. That’s the point Ben DeGrow made in his contribution to the Independence Institute’s Citizens’ Budget project. Thanks to Coulson and his Cato teammate Adam Schaeffer, who were very helpful in formulating that research.

On a side note, another one of the new Reason TV interviews is with Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deborah Gist — whom Education Reform Now’s Van Schoales also mentioned by name in an Education News Colorado blog post yesterday as one of “an ever-growing number of effective national potential candidates” for Colorado’s own vacant commissioner’s job. I don’t know if the State Board will end up picking her or someone else, but I hope Colorado’s next commissioner is a true education transformer!

Happy School Choice Week, everyone! It’s been fun…. As usual, they ended up getting me to write more than I intended to do. Which means, a great weekend of Legos and playgrounds lies ahead!

*Please don’t get me wrong. I still love my friends at the Education Policy Center. They treat me very nicely!