Unbelievable: TWO Lawsuits Now to Stop Dougco Families' Educational Choices

Has it only been two days since reactionary forces — the forces of WE know what’s best for you — dropped a lawsuit bomb to try to stop 500 Douglas County students from getting better educational opportunity? Colorado Peak Politics highlighted problems facing a couple of the plaintiffs’ relation to the legal action. And now, as the Denver Post reports, a local “me too” group known as Taxpayers for Public Education has piled on with a lawsuit of its own.

I mean, it’s their right and prerogative to do so if they please. But maybe they’d like to explain the justification and reasoning for the pair of lawsuits to parents who showed up yesterday for a lottery to try to get one of the last 25 of 500 vouchers. Take Becky Barnes, whose 7th-grade son with Aspergers syndrome secured a Choice Scholarship:

“We pulled him out last year because he was having so many problems,” she said.

She’s pinning her hopes on a voucher to allow her son to socialize with other students again. She also hopes her first grade daughter can jump from eighth on the waiting list to receive the voucher funding.

“This is huge,” she said after she received the news of her kids’ placement in the lottery drawing.

Or maybe they could talk to Gretchen Immen and her son Sam. My Education Policy Center friend Pam Benigno described the plaintiffs’ actions well a couple days ago in her interview with CBS 4 Denver: “They’re taking away from about 500 kids the opportunity to find the best school that fits their needs.”

You can bet your bottom dollar that little Eddie will be keeping an eye on this legal action as it unfolds. After all, there are lots more stories like the Barnes and Immens families still waiting to be told.