Three Decades After "A Nation at Risk," Incredible Theories Live On: Who Knew?

Talk about ancient history for a kid like me. On Friday the Fordham Foundation and American Enterprise Institute commemorated the 30th anniversary of the landmark A Nation at Risk education report with this 23-minute video documentary:

It may be a lot to take in for those with shorter attention spans (wait, is that a squirrel??), but I guarantee you’ll glean a little history lesson and some insights into the long battle for education reform in America. The video features commentary from a number of figures often featured and discussed here — everyone from U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee to Rick Hess and Checker Finn.

But one of the cast of characters sticks out like a sore thumb with a dismissive attitude about the report as a front for a three-decades-long conspiracy to privatize education and (perhaps) destroy the world as we know it. Which of these interviewees is not like the other? Can you figure it out?

If you guessed Diane Ravitch, you are correct! Yes, that Diane Ravitch… and that one, too. Maybe she could go on Sesame Street to do a few segments with Big Bird and Elmo. Then again, maybe that’s not such a good idea….