Thank You Tom Boasberg

After nearly ten years of service, education leader Tom Boasberg has resigned from his role as superintendent of Denver Public Schools (DPS). He cited no reason other than family for leaving and left no recommendation for a replacement for Colorado’s largest school district.

Under Tom Boasberg’s leadership, DPS thrived and became one of Colorado’s model districts. It’s enrollment, test scores, and graduation rate all simultaneously grew, and the number of minority students that progressed from high school into college practically doubled within Boasberg’s ten-year span. The combination of these phenomenal metrics and DPS’s range of unique policies has earned the district and Boasberg national attention as districts around the country seek to pinpoint and replicate DPS’s successes.

Boasberg implemented a range of successful policies during his time at DPS including opening new schools and closing poorly-performing schools. He welcomed “innovation schools” to rid educators of regulations, and allowed the “innovation schools” the freedom to shape curriculum and specialized programs . Boasberg also created a single form enrollment request to simplify and expedite the process of students open enrolling into the district’s many educational options. Charter schools were given a share of the district’s tax revenue and access to DPS’s infrastructure. Additionally, teachers at DPS were given the opportunity to engage in the “teacher leadership and collaboration” program in which they could observe and provide feedback to other teachers in the district. Wow! That’s not even all of the innovative ideas Boasberg bestowed upon DPS, and it’s still more than some districts see in a lifetime.

We are sad to see the Tom Boasberg era end at DPS, but grateful for the work he has done. The district board is now faced with the difficult task of finding someone to fill his shoes, and we hope, someone to continue his legacy of increasing educational options to help more students succeed. Thank you Tom Boasberg!