Teachers and Charter Schools: A Whole Lot of Appreciation Going On This Week

Today’s a good day for stepping back a bit. Yesterday it was exactly four years ago I started blogging as a 5-year-old. And here I am, still 5 years old. Hmmm….

While we’re in the spirit of commemoration, let’s be reminded that this week is both Teacher Appreciation Week and National Charter Schools Week. It’s a veritable double dose of education appreciation. The least I can do is help bring them both to your attention.

Colorado’s many good teachers certainly ought to be honored and celebrated for the hard work and the difference they make for many kids. I’m talking about teachers who partner with parents to ensure a child’s academic needs are served, teachers who deliver high-quality instruction in the (real or virtual) classroom, teachers who serve as positive role models, teachers who take the initiative to pursue excellence, teachers who make learning fun! Thankfully, Colorado teachers have membership options that reflect their professional status, even if some of those options remain restricted by disrespectful rules.

But I really wanted to look at ways the two commemorations could be brought together. I didn’t have to look far for a couple great examples. Writing at Ed News Colorado, KIPP Colorado board chair Shepard Nevel explains how teacher appreciation fits perfectly with support for education reform and parental options in charter schools, no matter how much some may take a narrow view and stridently complain to the contrary.

Hey, how about the fact that charter school teachers are a major factor in their success. The Association of American Educators celebrates this fact with its new website devoted specifically to charter schools. Regardless of what kind of educational setting they serve in, research clearly and resoundingly tells us that Teachers Matter.

So go out there and do some appreciating! Whether it’s your teacher, your child’s teacher, or a friend or family member who happens to be a teacher, give them a high-five, a hug, a greeting card or a simple “Thank You” (whatever is most appropriate). At the same time, as we continue to work to promote educational excellence through choice and competition, you also can show your gratitude for the current charter school options that serve tens of thousands of Colorado students.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate four years of edublogging fun!