Sign Up for Free Online Course to Learn More about Blended Learning

What would it be like to be the youngest person (by far) in a class? Would the situation be better if the class were a virtual one? Well, count me in, or at least count some of my Education Policy Center friends in for this free opportunity from the Clayton Christensen Institute:

There’s plenty of buzz around blended learning [link added] and its transformational potential. But what does it really mean? You can now get the inside track on this growing movement by participating in our upcoming Blended Learning MOOC—a massive open online course—taught by our own Michael B. Horn, Brian Greenberg of Silicon Schools Fund, and Robert Schwartz of the New Teacher Center. The course begins October 15, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

The class will explore the different types of blended-learning models as well as key issues that impact students, teachers, and schools. Specifically, the instructors will examine these issues through the lens of three high-performing schools that each implements a different model of blended learning. A few of the key topics will include:

  • The role of the student and how to support students in the transition from traditional to blended learning
  • Implications for teachers in their day-to-day work and overall role
  • The impact on the way schools are designed, including staffing models, hardware/software selection, and the use of data
  • Implementation challenges and potential solutions

This MOOC is designed for anyone with an interest in blended learning. We anticipate participation from a variety of individuals with different backgrounds and interests, including parents and members of the EdTech and nonprofit sectors. Educators will likely find the hands-on approach particularly helpful as the course culminates in participants prototyping their own blended-learning model.

The course is free and open to anyone, anywhere. Register and learn more at

Were you intrigued by Krista Kafer’s report on the rise of K-12 blended learning in Colorado? Or did you at least spend 14 minutes watching her conversation with Jon Caldara from Devil’s Advocate:

Maybe that will inspire you to sign up for this course and learn more. Maybe you will be the youngest student in the class. Or maybe you will just learn something more about an important topic that holds such promise and potential for delivering an affordable, excellent education to many K-12 students who are still preparing for their future.