Shameless Self-Promotion Better than Repeating Balloon Boy Hoax

So this blog called Online Schools put up a post last week titled “50 Excellent Education Blogs about Education Reform” (H/T Core Knowledge blog). Almost as if I were looking through the wrapped presents under the tree on Christmas morning for the new super Star Wars Lego set, I scanned the list … only to find that Ed Is Watching is nowhere to be found. My little 5-year-old heart was nearly broken.

What do I have to do to get some attention? Have my dad build a tinfoil blimp and call a local TV news station to tell them that I’ve just been launched thousands of feet into the air somewhere over the Front Range? On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

But let me engage in a little shameless self-promotion to explain why I belong on the list. Six months ago I was in the top 20 education policy blogs based on Technorati authority ratings. And read what all the cool people are saying about me on the sidebar to the right.

Maybe the Online Schools blog can fix the situation. I did notice a spot where I could fit in — the Early Ed Watch blog for some reason was listed twice. So there’s really only 49, not 50. And Ed Is Watching sounds awfully eerily similar to Early Ed Watch, doesn’t it? I could fit just nicely under the “Policy” or “Regional” headings.

Pretty shameless, you say? Well, it’s better than me becoming the Balloon Boy sequel. I’m not just doing this “for the show.”