School Choice Week Kicks Off; Good Luck Trying to Contain My Excitement

The excitement around here is palpable (that means you can feel it). The fun, wild ride known as National School Choice Week has kicked off with a big bipartisan rally in Texas and big kids donned in yellow scarves ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange:

Hey, it’s not every day that happens! Just in case you need a reminder what all the hoopla is about, read School Choice Week president Andrew Campanella’s new column, in which he notes that “school choice is changing lives.” The whole week really is a celebration of all the education options students have today, as well as a call to make more options available.

Here in our state, we can give thanks for two decades of public school open enrollment and a charter school sector that’s thriving more places than it’s not. The week also reminds us to keep fighting to ensure that Colorado Kids Win through K-12 scholarship tax credits. Whether it’s the Jeffco school board president speaking at an Evergreen charter school, a panel of educators who have selected to teach in a choice school environment, a Spanish-language showing of Waiting for Superman, or dozens of other events, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate School Choice Week in Colorado.

Since one video is never enough for occasions like this one, I leave you with the story of Nydia Salazar — a real girl from Arizona whose life is a testament to the power of school choice (thanks, American Federation for Children!):

Tears, yes. Tears of joy! A lot of excitement in my world: Good luck trying to keep this little kid contained today!