School Choice for Kids Adds Brief Podcasts to Enhance Parent-Friendly Experience

When Mondays come, especially when the Monday is cold and wet and foggy, I’m on the lookout for good news. For parents seeking a better educational option for their kids, I just might have the sort of news you’re looking for.

First and foremost, my Education Policy Center friends have added a new feature to one of my personally favorite sites on the Internet: School Choice for Kids. As if the site weren’t parent-friendly enough (but can it ever truly be?), a series of new brief, informative podcasts have been added to select pages. The four English and three Spanish podcasts provide a quick overview of the subject matter and point users to relevant other pages and features on the site — like this one on public online education.

Coincidentally, another school information website was unveiled today. The Center for Education Reform has launched The site offers an interactive map of the United States with links to all 5,301 charter schools nationwide.

Nothing against this new site: In fact, I’ve got it bookmarked as a resource in case I’m looking for a charter school somewhere outside Colorado. But I’m still partial to School Choice for Kids. Not only does it include all Colorado schools — including traditional public, charter, option, online and non-public — but it also has a top-notch searchable map feature that allows you to find just what you’re looking for and where.

And now it has great little podcasts to enhance the experience, particularly for the non-visual learners out there surfing the Web in search of the right school. Remember four words: School Choice for Kids!