Overcoming the Gloom, Focusing on the Sunshine of #SchoolChoice

Well, the Brookings Institution this week released its latest edition of the Education Choice and Competition Index. Might I add the acronym ECCI (ecky?), awash in a sea of edu-acronyms through which yours truly has to doggy paddle day after day, is just a bit too much fun to say. And say. And say again. (Sorry, I’m getting a dirty stare from my Education Policy Center friends.)

Back to the point. I thought about writing a whole new blog post about the scoring system that strangely underrates Douglas County, arguably the most choice-friendly school district in America. Instead, I’m just going to send you back to last year’s soapbox on the same topic. Deja vu all over again, to quote a famous American.

The only difference is that this year Dougco’s C-plus was good enough for a 13th place tie with Pinellas County (Florida), San Francisco Unified, and next-door neighbor Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek?, you say. Yes, just go back and read last year’s edition. But it doesn’t all have to be naysaying and gloom. It’s Friday, so why not a video?

Yes, it’s 17 minutes, and I know a lot of you out there will say you lack the attention span. But the compelling video was able to keep the attention of this precocious 5-year-old. So no excuses.

What does it have to do with the first part of my post, other than #schoolchoice? Not a lot, but it will help you feel sunnier! The video tells the story of real families who received a K-12 scholarship under New Hampshire’s Corporate Tax Credit program, and how they had to fight in the legislature and overcome in court to help achieve their kids’ educational dreams.

And besides, with a great title like “Live Free and Learn,” I never had a chance to resist.

There, we ended the week on a happy note. Given that it’s 66 degrees and sunny here in Colorado on this February day, how could we end it any other way?