No Phony Guilt, No Forced Relocation: Colorado Kids Win with Tax Credits

I’m a little late to the game on this one. But Friday is the time for funnies. The crazed August 29 manifesto on Slate declaring that parents who send their kids to private schools are bad people received a lot of attention for the ignorant delivery of shock value it effected. I couldn’t begin to sort through the myriad responses.

But this one was too good to pass up. (H/T Greg Forster) Writing at National Review Online, Kevin Williamson took Allison Benedikt’s Slate piece at face value and offered a superior solution:

What we obviously must do, therefore, is turn rich white liberals out of their homes.

Ideally, they would relocate to the very worst neighborhoods, where, applying the Benedikt principle, they would do the most good. But I do not really care where they go, so long as they go.

Returning to serious ground, of course there are better policy options for enhanced fairness and opportunity. Maybe something like a statewide scholarship tax credit program that gives Colorado kids hope and even saves money.

No forced relocation. No phony guilt. Only a program that would help more Colorado Kids Win.