New Publication About a Rural Charter Public School

Colorado rural charter schools make up approximately 14% of all charter schools statewide. The challenges rural school districts face are frequent topics of discussion in education policy circles, such as: funding, facilities, and a shortage of teachers. Rural charter schools often face the same challenges as their authorizing public school district. These charter schools also fill unique gaps within public school districts with the presence of specialized programs or in the case of some rural districts, the only public school to serve students in a geographic area.

In our latest profile of Colorado schools, Paradox Valley Charter School:Twenty Years On, Choice Survives, author Peter Huidekoper Jr. paints a picture of how the school serves as a successful place of learning for Pre K-12 students. The pride surrounding this small town school and the significant ties to the specific region are demonstrated through numerous interviews of Paradox Valley Charter School staff and community members. Enjoy!