New Figlio Study Shows Real Learning Gains for Florida Tax Credit Students

Little Eddie is busy beating the heat, so no long, clever and insightful entries for today. In the meantime, chalk another one up for the positive effects of school choice. Matt Ladner points us to a new study on one of the nation’s major education tax credit programs:

A careful analysis of test score gains by David Figlio of Northwestern University has found a modest but statistically significant gains for Florida tax credit students. The data in this study are messy, and Dr. Figlio admirably goes about sorting through the various issues in an even-handed fashion.

On the redefinED blog, Jon East digs through many of the key nuanced findings and leaves us with this assessment:

In sum, the report is neither definitive nor an endorsement. But it does add genuine value to our understanding of how these underprivileged children are faring. It tells us that struggling students are choosing the scholarship and that in the most recent year they were marginally outperforming their public school counterparts.

Maybe it’s a good time for Colorado lawmakers to take a closer look at enacting an education tax credit program that provides clear cost savings, improves public school performance through competition, and gives a real chance at modest learning gains for participating students. A kid can dream, can’t he?