New Education Books Mean No Reason to Be Bored This Summer Season

Camping trips can be fun, but no one told me just how hard it would be to blog while out in the middle of nowhere in the great outdoors. No, seriously, it was fun to get away for awhile. But I hope none of you were left to wonder: If little Eddie isn’t watching the world of Colorado education, then who is? Probably not so much, especially since school is out for most students and people are focusing more on soaking up the summer rays.

Anyway, while I’m trying to get my bearings a bit, maybe it’s time to take a look at a couple of good summer reads on the world of education:

Now I don’t want to hear any of you say — at least after you’ve swum in the pool 100 times, shot model rockets, played Nintendo Wii and built the entire Star Wars rebel fleet out of Legos — that you’re bored this summer. (If I can get my Education Policy Center friends to buy one or two of them, I’ll do the same.) Okay?