New AAE Member Survey Shows More Teachers Embrace Education Options

It wasn’t so long ago I pointed you to the results of an Association of American Educators (AAE) member survey to drive home the point that teacher opinion is far from monolithic. Well, the good folks at AAE have done it again, releasing a snapshot of members’ perspectives on a number of school reform issues.

Not only do strong majorities back a variety of different school choice programs, but they also show themselves to be supportive of policies that would enhance their own professional options:

  • 63% of those surveyed would prefer to negotiate their own contract so that they can negotiate a salary and benefits package that best suits their lifestyle.
  • 87% would support a defined-contribution retirement plan for newly hired teachers. This system would function like the 401K-style plans typical for the private sector.
  • 89% support an a la carte benefits plan where prospective hires could pick and choose salaries and benefits based on personal needs.

(A full listing of survey results is also available.)

AAE’s strong reflection of their members’ confident embrace of various education-related options shows up in their Colorado affiliate’s public backing of National School Choice Week. Check out this recent interview with the Professional Association of Colorado Educators‘ Tim Farmer about bringing in teachers to a special event commemorating the national celebration.

Increasing in popularity, PACE is one of the membership options available to Colorado educators through the Independent Teachers website.