National School Choice Week is Two Months Away: What Will You Do?

We’re getting really close to Thanksgiving. Many of you are probably daydreaming about turkey dinners, football and family gatherings. But let’s look ahead. Exactly two months from today begins National School Choice Week:

Our message is simple: we need a K-12 education system that provides a wide array of options. We need an effective education system that has the flexibility to personalize and motivate students and allow parents to choose the school that is best for their child.

National School Choice Week was created to provide a concentrated focus on this mission – a time for the media and the public to hear our resounding message and a time to bring new voices into the chorus. There is no one organization behind this effort; those working on setting it up come from a variety of school reform organizations. We may each have a specialty: charter school growth and success, universal vouchers and tuition tax credits, corralling out-of-control spending, or union accountability, but each is equally important and all should plan to be a part of this special week.

National School Choice Week needs your participation to succeed as a bullhorn for the school choice movement. Sign up for updates about this national upcoming event and stay tuned to learn how you and your organization can maximize its opportunities and help the school choice movement pump up the volume.

In honor of the coming occasion, the Education Action Group has posted a series of videos — including an interview with well-known political analyst Dick Morris, who says the need for fiscal responsibility makes the timing right for school choice to advance across the country, and a feature of Chicago parents demanding more school choice options from their local board of education.

What will you do to celebrate National School Choice Week? If you’re like me, that should give something else to think about over the long holiday weekend.