NAEP Scores Confirm Colorado Charter Schools are Exceptional

Once again, Colorado’s charter public schools have ranked in the top of their class and continue to set the precedent for what school choice can achieve. Statistics derived from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), self-described as “the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America’s students know,” show that Colorado’s charter schools have the highest 2017 eighth-grade reading and math scores out of all fifty states. Colorado’s charter schools also scored near the top in fourth-grade reading and math–at second and sixth respectively.

These statistics can be found in Ready Colorado’s analysis of the NAEP results. The report makes the valid point that Colorado’s charter schools have managed such success while receiving less funding than Colorado’s traditional public schools and serving a higher percentage of students who traditionally underperform in education, such as English language learners. The exceptional NAEP scores confirm that charter schools in Colorado successfully educate students no matter a student’s zip code or ethnic background. With such resolute teachers and administration, Colorado taxpayers should have confidence that Colorado’s charter schools will continue to provide students with a high-quality education.