More New Charter Schools Coming Soon to Denver? (No Rude Remarks, Please!)

The warm weather here in Colorado and the lure of the swimming pool are the main reasons why readers here just get a quick update for today. Ed News Colorado’s Charlie Brennan reports that ideas for 11 new schools (eight of them charters) were pitched this week to the Denver school board.

The public charter sector in Denver is brimming with activity and opportunity for greater growth. Highly successful West Denver Prep and KIPP Sunshine Peak were among those proposing expansions to the board. Other proposals were two all-boys (Yippee!) charter schools — Miller-McCoy Academy and Sims-Fayola International Academy.

Now I can only imagine what that lady Diane Ravitch might have to say about these new educational opportunities for Denver students. Given her recent rude remarks about charter schools, you would think they came from someone of my tender age, not from someone of such (ahem) maturity. But I hope she opts to say nothing about Denver’s new prospective charter schools — that is, if she can’t say anything nice.

But I digress. Also presented to the DPS board were ideas for three new grassroots “performance schools”:

  • Creativity Challenge Community Performance School
  • School of Life Performance Middle School
  • Generation Performance Secondary School

All in all, I think this may indicate little Eddie once again will need to get busy providing you with some more glimpses at new schools in Colorado.