Michelle Rhee Helping to Inspire My Radical Education Reform Side

I am bummed. Not only did school not get canceled today, but I also missed my chance to see Washington DC school chancellor Michelle Rhee. She was in Denver last night. (Follow that link to read the story and watch a video of her.) Where was I, you ask? Getting a long timeout and an early bedtime for excessive Lego-throwing. That made me even angrier, because Michelle Rhee is one of those few education leaders willing to take on a real fight to help make a difference for kids.

Don’t believe me? Look at the article by Jeremy Meyer in the Denver Post:

“We have public schools so that every kid can have an equal shot in life,” Rhee said. “That is not the reality for children in Washington, D.C., today or many children in urban cities today. That is the biggest social injustice imaginable.”

Rhee said radical changes are necessary. “Unless we do something massive about this right now, unless we are willing to turn the system on its head . . . then all of the ideals of this country are actually hollow,” she said.

Not that I agree with everything Rhee has to say, but it is time to get radical about education reform, just like Americans all over (and here in Denver) are showing it’s time to get radical about a government that’s too big and costly, an out-of-control government putting me and my friends in debt before we can even get a job.

Forget what I said before … What an exciting week … This could be the beginning of something new. That’s it: Just call me Revolutionary Eddie, the Kindergarten Radical!