Michelle Rhee and Students First Release Worthwhile, Ambitious Policy Agenda

Today is 1-11-11… 5 straight ones. I’m 5 years old, 5 years of number 1. Now that you’ve had a chance to let that not-too-eerie coincidence sink in, I only have time today to bring your attention to an important document. My edu-crush Michelle Rhee’s new super-fab education transformer group, Students First, has released its official policy agenda.

No, it contains nothing terribly profound. But it’s a good statement of principles with which my friends at the Education Policy Center closely agree, under the three main headings of:

  1. Elevate the teaching profession by valuing teachers’ impact on students
  2. Empower parents with real choices and real information (hey, that sounds like School Choice for Kids!)
  3. Shift spending taxpayers’ money to get better results for students (anyone read the Citizens’ Budget?)

You’ve got to read the actual document to get a more detailed picture of what the group is proposing to do. But trust me, it’s not only a worthwhile agenda but also a very ambitious one. I’ll continue to wish the best to Students First, even if it is selfish for me to do so.