Keep Spreading the Message to Help D.C. Kids Keep Their Scholarships

The fight isn’t over yet, but things aren’t looking good for the 1,700 poor Washington D.C. kids who benefit from the federally-funded voucher program – kids like those featured in this compelling Heritage Foundation video (H/T Flypaper):

Are you listening, Congress? Are you paying attention, President Obama?

For those who want a little more in-depth discussion of what’s going on with DC vouchers and education reform at the federal level, here’s another interesting video. The Hoover Institution presents two of the nation’s top education experts, Terry Moe and Paul Peterson (H/T Jay Greene) with their views on the political dynamics and what the research says about school choice:

For those who found Glenn Beck’s interview of Jeanne Allen on this topic a little too impassioned, this might be more your speed.

Yesterday, my Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow discussed many of the same issues on northern Colorado’s Amy Oliver Show (1310 KFKA). It needs to be heard over and over again. It’s too important.

All these people are doing what I’m doing – spreading the good word, getting the message out there. I hope you can help chip in, too – for the sake of kids like Fransoir, Sakeithia, De’Andre, Dominique, Rashawn, Breanna, and Paul.