Kafer's Invaluable Advice for Colorado Families Seeking a New School

Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’m a big (and maybe the youngest) fan of Krista Kafer. The column Krista wrote for yesterday’s Rocky Mountain News is just the latest reason — even though she does tell readers to do more homework:

While rankings and other analysis can provide the public and parents confidence in charter schools as a whole, school-by-school information is actually more important to individual families. When considering public schools – whether district-run or charter – the [School Accountability Report] is great place to start when choosing a school.

Parents shouldn’t stop there. They should check out other sources of information such as www.greatschools.net, www.schoolmatters.com and www.schoolchoiceforkids.org. Next they should visit the school’s Web site and the school building. You don’t have to be an education expert to recognize student disengagement, apathy or boredom. Kids wandering aimlessly, teachers yelling angrily or trash scattered about the floor – these would be bad signs. Talking to other parents, teachers and students is a must.

Families who want to look for a charter school for their child, or to take advantage of the open enrollment process and find a different traditional public school, you have to read the whole column. This is invaluable advice offered by Krista (an Independence Institute senior fellow) — especially the part about visiting our School Choice for Kids website.

So if your child is not thriving in his current school like you know he can, or you just found the new School Accountability Reports and are wondering what to do with the information, please check out what Krista wrote. It’s a worthwhile read.

And remember… less than 10 days to go until Christmas. Don’t forget your favorite edu-blogging prodigy as you go shopping this year. Matchbox cars are always cool.