It's Worth Stepping Back Even Further for a Full Picture of Education Funding

Tomorrow is decision day for a lot of big people in Colorado, voting to decide on several local school tax issues. Those who think more money is needed to bolster an inefficient K-12 system marshal incomplete funding figures, but thankfully my Education Policy Center friend was there to provide 9News viewers with a full picture of Colorado K-12 tax revenues.

Supporters of tax hikes tout selective rankings that make Colorado look as poor as possible compared to other states in education funding. We know Colorado isn’t 49th? But where are we really: 29th or 40th? But what if most states’ systems are inefficient? After all, while Colorado could be doing better, our student outcomes remain above the national average.

It’s at that point you step back and see that no nation on earth spends more money per student on education:

How Much Do Nations Spend on Students?

Maybe it’s time to imagine a system of student-centered funding in Colorado.