If I Showed This Union Leader's Attitude, No Way I Would Have Gotten Off So Easy

I guess that United Federation of Teachers political director Paul Egan is too old to get sent to his room without dinner. Because if I tried his attitude with my mom, that would be the least of my problems:

And with Egan apparently worked into a froth over the size of his quail in the $40 prix fixe meal, union members looked on without paying the group’s bill.

Egan began shouting and demanded to see the manager. The restaurant’s owner soon appeared, and pleaded with Egan to calm down, sources said.

When he didn’t, restaurant staffers called the cops.

Whoa. You know, at that point, if I’d done something like that, frankly I’d rather call in the cops than my mom. Seriously.

Dr. Jay Greene points out the irony of the union officials refusing to tip the waitstaff, while Mike Antonucci (writing at Hot Air!) uncovered the fact that the restaurant is unionized. At this point, the jokes start to write themselves.

Talk about a timely example of Ways Not to Improve the Image of Government Unions. Stories like this provide their own kind of education.