Homeschool Day at the Capitol: Marya DeGrow Spreads Message of Vigilance

A week ago I told you what a big school choice week it was going to be at the Colorado State Capitol. And it was. Ed News Colorado has a short video recap of Thursday’s charter school rally.

It was left to one of my friends at the Education Policy Center – namely Marya DeGrow – to cover Friday’s Homeschool Day at the Capitol. Several legislators showed up to show their support and appreciation.

Marya handed out hundreds of flyers about her new, exciting paper Colorado’s Homeschool Law Turns Twenty (PDF). And she let me be an honorary homeschooler for a day!

Maybe you don’t have time to sit down and read the whole paper, or maybe you need to be persuaded why the paper is so important.

In that case, you should listen to a new iVoices podcast as Marya interviews home education veteran and volunteer parental rights lobbyist Treon Goossen (pronounced GO-sen) about what it was like to homeschool in the days before Colorado’s law was passed, and why homeschoolers and supporters of educational freedom need to stay vigilant:

Treon (left) and Marya at last Friday’s Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Yesterday Marya followed up on her visit and explained her report to the audience of Backbone America with host John Andrews — which you can listen to here. (She also was interviewed Friday by a news reporter from KPOF AM 91, but sadly we don’t have an audio link for that.)

It’s always good to unite with those who support school choice and with those who live it out and practice it day after day in many different ways. And the reminders of where we came from are very important to help keep us from taking these options and these freedoms for granted.