Hey, Betcha Didn't Even Know Obama Addressed Students Yesterday

Flash back to last September. Remember the big brouhaha about President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren? I commented on it a few times. To me the big deal was the creepy notes created by the Department of Education for teachers that promoted a sort of worshipful, service-oriented attitude toward the President. But no need to rehash the past.

Did you even notice President Obama spoke yesterday to school children across the country? Probably not, and that’s a good sign. Look at a copy of his remarks (H/T Sean Cavanagh, K-12 Politics). I like the heart of the President’s message, delivered at Philadelphia’s Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School:

But here’s your job. Showing up to school on time. Paying attention in class. Doing your homework. Studying for exams. Staying out of trouble. That kind of discipline and drive – that kind of hard work – is absolutely essential for success.

Yes, it’s sad that the President has to tell students the importance of taking accountability for their actions and their schoolwork, but it’s certainly not his fault. Anyway, hurrah to Obama for using the bully pulpit for good in this case.

Rick Hess correctly notes that the Education Department staffers learned their lesson from last time, and that’s better for everyone involved:

To have any president–and especially a Democratic, African-American, former community organizer– spreading the message of parental involvement and personal responsibility in this fashion is a valuable and admirable thing. And kudos to the Department for allowing that message to be the whole story this time.

I couldn’t say it much better myself. No controversy, no uproar, it’s kind of refreshing.