Happy Earth Day: Reminding Colorado of Need for Balanced Education

Happy Earth Day. Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you how parents here in Colorado and elsewhere could help put Earth Day education back into balance? The nice lady Carrie Lukas explained it all on an iVoices podcast.

Well, since we posted the information, a couple Colorado parents have chimed in with their stories on the Balanced Education for Everyone website. Here’s what a dad named Kevin from Denver had to say:

It’s about time this topic is approached in our schools. My kids come home and I usually have to reeducate them about what they have learned in school that day. The liberal attention global warming attracts in schools needs to change. As a father of three, I am rallying for a balanced education in the classroom.

Also, a Littleton parent spoke out:

My family resides in Colorado and I have a 2nd grade daughter. I never thought I would ever have to question a teacher – but more and more instances are popping up in her school. When she was in Kindergarten, my daughter came home all upset that the polar bears are dying but hoping the babies will be spared. What??? I was livid but kept my mouth closed.

I have a fear of confrontation and I do not want my daughter to be labeled as a problem child because her parents raise questions.

My 2nd grade daughter came home with an assignment. Her assignment is to pack a “no garbage” lunch. Prior to this sack lunch day, teachers will demonstrate a “way too much”, garbage lunch….

I have spoken with the teacher and she has given me the opportunity to pull my child out of this activity. Instead I am taking her to the park and we will have a picnic.

With all the rain pouring down this morning, I wonder if they may have to reschedule that picnic. But having enjoyed a safe ride in my parents’ SUV, and appreciating all the wonders of modern technology, I must say I’m feeling more balanced already. Hope you enjoy a balanced Earth Day, too!