Grand Junction Grassroots for Balanced Education (Maybe Not for Eating Dirt)

Back in April, I told you about the Balanced Education for Everyone campaign to empower parents to ensure their child’s school provides a balanced presentation of global warming and environmental issues.

Well, it’s more than just an idea here in Colorado. Out in the Grand Junction area, local attorney and former school board candidate Rose Pugliese took note of some unbalanced classroom presentations in her local schools. Instead of just complaining about it, she started circulating petitions and has garnered hundreds of signatures that she plans to present to the school board this evening.

Click the play button below (or follow this link) to listen to Rose discuss her grassroots effort with my Education Policy Center friend Ben DeGrow on an iVoices podcast:

Earth Day may be over, but the need for a balanced education certainly remains. Speaking of earth, it appears my secret is out, as Education Week reports on the new findings of a study: “Want to Boost Test Scores? Try Eating Dirt.”

Well, it is nicer outside these days, which means less time with my Legos and more time helping mom in the garden and taking an occasional sandbox snack. You don’t think I’m a child prodigy by accident, do you?