Giving You More Good Reasons to See The Cartel Movie While It's Here in Denver

Last Friday I told you that a great new education movie called The Cartel is coming to town. In fact, on this coming Tuesday at 7 PM, at Denver’s Chez Artiste Theatre, my Independence Institute friends are co-hosting a special screening event with a brief Q & A following the movie.

Given the events of this week, in which thousands of New Jersey students walked out in protest at proposed K-12 education budget cuts, watching the film takes on all the more fresh relevance. As edublogger Matthew Tabor points out, the adult organizers who incited the event are doing a disservice to students by showing no interest in truly solving the Garden State’s education problems. Had they watched The Cartel with an open mind first, they might have taken a different perspective on quite possibly the most fiscally bloated and corrupt state education system in the nation.

Got your attention yet?

If you’re still not sure about whether to come, I invite you to read a brand new review of the film written by local blogger Joshua Sharf. It provides a refreshing and insightful perspective, coming from someone smart and thoughtful who isn’t enmeshed in the finer points of the education policy research and debates.

Look, in all honesty, you don’t have many good excuses to miss watching The Cartel at some point this week while it’s in town. You especially want to come out on Tuesday evening to see the movie and my Education Policy Center friends — and if I can stay out of trouble, maybe my mom or dad will bring me, too!