Forget the Election: Tomorrow Brings Big U.S. Supreme Court School Choice Case

Everybody’s got the election on the brain today, but there is something maybe even bigger going on out there that is of concern to us education transformers.

Tomorrow the United States Supreme Court is set to hear the case Garriott v Winn, which will decide the constitutionality of Arizona’s K-12 tuition tax credit program. Apparently, somebody didn’t like the program because a lot of people have given to scholarship organizations that make it easier for students to attend religious schools. But it seems groups like the ACLU never bothered to ask whether the program helps families like the Dennards, featured below in an Institute for Justice video:

As a new study by Dr. Vicki Murray shows, Arizona’s tax credit program “overwhelmingly” benefits low- and middle-income families. But that didn’t stop the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals from stepping out on a limb to say that the program empowering more parents to make educational choices is somehow against the law. Thank goodness there is one higher judicial stop to determine what should happen.

For some more background and basic facts on the case, check out this page from “On the Docket.”