Five Things the Next President Can Do to Advance Education Reform

Thankfully, most education policy in our country is governed at the local and state level. Though the federal government’s role in education is too big, it’s still very limited. I wish that were really the reason you don’t hear Barack Obama and John McCain say a whole lot about education.

Over at Pajamas Media, Greg Forster has a list of five things the next President – whoever it may be – can do to advance education reform:

  • Expand the D.C. voucher program to make it a national model
  • Keep testing outcomes transparent
  • Fund differential teacher pay
  • Improve data transparency for better evaluation of education programs
  • Keep pushing teacher unions to comply with financial disclosure reporting

Not many people are going to pick the next President based primarily on education. But it would be best if the media and citizens press the candidates to articulate their positions on these five specific issues. Kids like me can’t vote yet, but we sure appreciate it.