Finding Winners, Losers, and (Weekend!) Bright Spots in Chicago Teachers Strike

It’s Friday, and I’m itching to get out and play. So let’s make today’s post short, sweet and to the point. For anyone paying attention, it’s no mystery that the Chicago teachers strike finally got resolved a couple days ago. Rick Hess has the best breakdown of winners (including the interesting trio of President Obama, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis) and losers (Rahm Emanuel, reform-minded Democrats, and Class Warfare author Steven Brill).

I’ll leave it to my discerning readers to make what you will of Hess’s assessment, though someone else probably could mention the impacts on students and parents, too. Anyone looking for some unexpected bright spots might want to mull Jay Greene’s insights on the demise of phony merit pay in Chicago.

Additionally, Mike Antonucci brings attention to CTU’s notice that teachers will be paid today, although paychecks are “short for the days we have been out on strike.” It appears that despite any other concessions made, Mayor Emanuel didn’t make the mistake conceded in the 1994 Denver teachers strike: granting make-up days to enhance striking teachers’ pay.

All things being said, I’m glad the Chicago teachers strike is over and behind us. And you’re probably glad I kept my promise and made this a short Friday post. Have a great weekend!