Falcon 49 Moves Forward on Teacher Career Track Innovation: A Delicious Idea

Just when someone might think the innovation process in Falcon School District 49 has stalled out (just one school got rid of tenure so far?), here comes a pie in the face. Not a yucky key lime pie in the nostrils, mind you, but a delicious chocolate cream pie surprise that you can lick off your lips.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports yesterday that District 49 is actively working to change teachers’ professional career track:

“If you’re a great teacher, in order to progress you have to go outside that environment and become an administrator,” said board Vice President Christopher Wright.

Wright said he wants the district to create a professional development program where teachers are responsive to classroom needs, and where teacher training programs work consistently with schools to make ongoing improvements.

Wright was speaking to community members and representatives from some Colorado higher education institutions that focus on teacher training. As part of the district’s overall ground-up grassroots momentum for change, teacher empowerment through training, mentoring, and other key tools holds some real potential.

But wouldn’t it be even better if Falcon were able to form a partnership with a truly cutting-edge teacher training institution focused on practice, accountability and results? I don’t know if it’s even possible (I can tend to be naive), but if Falcon somehow could tap into the work of the Relay Graduate School of Education, that would be excellent!

Dish me up a big piece of double-fudge chocolate cream pie — I mean, some bold innovation with promising effective results for students!