Douglas County Stopped The Machine, Why Can't Other School Boards?

It’s Friday, so instead of making you read a lot, kick back and enjoy this 4-minute video from Reason TV, explaining how teachers unions’ influence on education politics works like a well-oiled machine:

Earlier this week, the Douglas County Board of Education officially put an end to the automatic dues collection service that helped to power the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) political machine. Most of the $500 a year paid by DCFT members (a small amount compared to CEA members) goes up the chain, nearly half the total dues to the national union, and only a pittance to cover local professional development.

As one might expect, shutting down “The Machine” tends to generate some heat and noise. It has in Douglas County. But at the same time, the Board and district leaders are beginning to look beyond the labor wars to work on some real positive reforms. Meanwhile, their counterparts in other school districts may find an opportune time to tap into some ideas to slow down or stop The Machine in their own back yard.