Douglas County Reports 28 Private Schools Apply to Accept Voucher Students

Update, 12:30 PM: The Denver Post says it’s 27 schools, not 28 — as stated on the Douglas County web page linked below. Looks like 27 is the correct number, if you count multiple campuses of Denver Christian and the Denver Street School as one school each. The Post also says 8 of the schools are non-religious, whereas I only count 7. I’m willing to be corrected on the matter, though.

A couple weeks ago I reminded readers that there would be many interesting angles to follow as the Douglas County pilot voucher program rolls out. Well, here’s some good news: According to the district website, an assortment of 28 different non-public schools have applied as potential partners.

Looking over the list, it represents a diversity of private educational options interested in accepting some of the 500 publicly-funded Douglas County choice scholarship students for the 2011-12 school year. Yes, there are the variety of expected Christian schools and Catholic schools, some of which have special focuses on targeting at-risk students.

There is also a Jewish school (Hillel Academy) and seven non-religious schools by my count. Included among the latter are schools that focus on educating gifted students (Mackintosh Academy) or special needs students (Humanex Academy) and those that provide college prep (Accelerated Schools) or even multicultural programs (Colorado International School).

Douglas County School District will announce by May 2 which schools’ applications are accepted to serve as partners for the choice scholarship program. In the meantime, the district soon will start accepting student applications to participate. A lottery will be held on May 16 if more than 500 qualified students apply.

It’s good to see school choice marching on in Colorado!